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Solo Products, Inc. is a leading provider of packaging solutions for industry and government applications.  We are a manufacturer, distributor and recycling provider for packaging, foams, plastics and fiberboard products.

We can provide a complete range of packaging solutions and flexible material solutions.  We provide design and prototyping services to many customers.  Primarily, we are CUSTOMER FOCUSED.  We recognize that our customers and the work of our team members make us the successful business that we are today.

Contact Us
Address:  838 Reddy Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Corporate Phone:  (513) 321-7884

Our Numbers
•Duns #:  14-317-3081
•CAGE Code:  5 JG 25
•Federal Tax ID#:  Available upon request
•Business Size: Small Business

FSC Codes
8135  Packaging & Bulk Materials
3990  Misc Material handling equip
5330  Packing and Gasket materials
5365  Bushings, rings, shims and spacers (sometimes spacers are rubber)
8140  Ammo boxes, packages, spec containers
8145  Special Ship and storage containers
8320  Padding and stuffing materials
9320  Rubber fabricated
9330  Plastic Fab
9390  Misc fabricated non metallic materials 

SIC Codes
5085 – Industrial Supplies

322211 - Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing 
322212 - Folding Paperboard Box Manufacturing 
322213 - Setup Paperboard Box Manufacturing 
322214 - Fiber Can, Tube, Drum, and Similar Products Manufacturing 
322221 - Coated and Laminated Packaging Paper Manufacturing  (Except Foil-Paper)
322222 - Coated and Laminated Paper Manufacturing 
322223 - Coated Paper Bag and Pouch Manufacturing 
322224 - Uncoated Paper and Multiwall Bag Manufacturing 
322225 – Flexible Packaging Sheet Materials – Made by Laminating Purchased Foil
322226 - Surface-Coated Paperboard Manufacturing 
322231 - Die-Cut Paper and Paperboard Office Supplies Manufacturing 
322299 - All Other Converted Paper Product Manufacturing 
325211 - Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing 
325212 - Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing 
326111 - Plastics Bag and Pouch Manufacturing 
326140 - Polystyrene Foam Product Manufacturing 
326150 - Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing 
326199 - All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing including Bubble Packaging Material,
               Plastics, Manufacturing
333514 - Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing 
423840 - Plastics Foam Packaging and Packaging Materials Merchant Wholesaler
493110 - General Warehousing and Storage 
493120 - Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage 
493190 - Other Warehousing and Storage 
541420 - Industrial Design Services 

NSN                       Description
3990010730103–   Box,Tote
3990014645415-    Skip Box,Material Handling
8145015359687-    Shipping Storage Container
8145015618257-    Shipping and Storage
8145015618259-    Shipping and Storage
8145015618260-    Cover, Shipping and Storage Con
5340015645940-    Lever, Lock Release
5340015645942-    Lever Lock Release
5340015646669-    Runner
5340015646672-    Hinge,Butt
5340015646673-    Hinge,Butt
5340015646674-    Hinge,Butt
5340015648029-    Door, Access, General Purpose
4730015648030-    Plug,Pipe
8145015648031-    Endwall, Shipping Container
8145015648032-    Base, Shipping and Storage Container

How to Order
•Phone, Fax, or Email
•Credit Card
•Government Purchase Card (GPC)/IMPAC
•Purchase Order (including Wide Area Work Flow)

Our Customers Include:
United States Army
Letterkenny Army Depot
Ft. Leonard Wood
United States Air Force
United States Navy
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Energy
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Ft. Leonard Wood Depot
L3 Communications
Toyota and Toyota Tier 1 Vendors

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